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Seems like it has been an unusually long time since I’ve awakened in my own bed. Other than a few days here and there, I have probably been gone the better part of two months I think. But now I’m home, for about three days anyhow. The day after tomorrow I head to MN for a multiple day shoot with a great client. I’l have a one nite stop over at home, then it’s back to KY to hunt with Tony Smotherman, the Travelin Hunter. I also have a few days of work that will be shot there during this trip. After that, I believe I will be heading to Nashville for a bit of work with an entertainer or two, and to cut some cedar trees that will become roof supports for the KY home. By the middle of May I will be heading to South Carolina for another multi day shoot with a new client. There are a couple other irons in the fire but I think I will have an extended stay at home by the end of May.

Heck, I might even get a chance to hunt turkey here at home!

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The Season is Over?

I guess I’m never satisfied. I’ve spent like the last 3 months thinking about turkey hunting this spring. I mean probably more time thinking about it than I thought about deer huntning. Opening day here in KY was this past Saturday, and somehow, despite oversleeping, I killed one half of a double with my buddy John. Obviously he killed the other half. I was thrilled to say the least, turkey season was shaping up to be even better than I had hoped. Fast forward a few days to this morning. Somehow John’s alarm at the other end of the hoouse woke me. I can’t believe he didn’t hear it but he never did get up. I figured as long as I was up I’d give it a go just to see if I could find another bird. I think it took about 15 minutes to strike one that was interested. Actually I think he came from the next ridge over. He covered about 500 yards in nothing flat and then spent the next hour and fifteen minutes strutting at about 70 yards from me. I finally couldn’t take it any more and stopped calling to him. He gobbled a couple more times then drifted over the hill. I managed to get my legs straightened out and uncramped and got back into position. Made a quick call and he bellowed back instantly from about 100 yards. This time he pretty much ran to me stopping briefly a couple times to strut. He ended up in the dirt at about 10 yards with a bit of help from a Benelli and a 3″ Winchester shell. Talk about happy! But before I could cover the few yards to retrieve him, I realized my season was over. You can only take 2 birds here. All that time thinking about it and now its over.

I had one other thought to extend it a bit. I figured I could drag John around the hills for a couple days. Unfortunately when I suggested it ot him, he was ready to head out immediately. OK, thats fine. But go figure, it took us about 10 minutes to strike a bird and another 10 for him and two others to race their way to him where the winner was shot in the face. His season is over too. Dang our luck!

Anyone want to go turkey hunting?

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Back Up, and Crawling…

It seems like its been forever, and I guess it has been quite a while, but I once again have a functioning, non hacked, website. Same old addie of New layout, new design, new ideas, and new photos. Hope you like it. No doubt I’ll have plenty more to tell you about for now, we’re back in business!

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