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If You Don’t Like the Weather, Give it a Minute, It’ll Change…

Recently I had the opportunity once again to spend some time with a couple of the best, most professional, personalities in the outdoor industry!  Pat Reeve and Nicole Jones.  For the third time in the last several years we were able to get together and shoot some of what I feel is my best work to date.  Over the course of three days together, we shot in sunrise, sunset, full sun, overcast, light misting rain, total drenching downpour, dark of night, brush fire, and even a few snow storms!  Truth is, most of the weather was just fine on location, we created all the rough stuff, so to speak.  Although far from unsurmountable, creating what we felt was believable harsh weather was a challenge in it’s own right.  Getting the lighting right, without destroying the electronic gear in the often soaking enviorment, was the second big issue.  Mixing our weather with the real weather, like the amount of light, wind, etc. was the third biggest hurdle.  It took time and I know it was pretty miserable for Pat and Nicole being wet and cold most of the time but to their credit they toughed it out and we made some great pictures together, again!  The few shots below are just a small sample of the work that came out of our time together.  I can’t wait for next time!


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A lot has been going on recently, from the rebuild of the website, to work for new clients, and quite a bit of editorial work, at least for me. The image above is one of four that Realtree is using on the backs and double trucks of various waterfowl hunting magazines. It’s from the most recent batch of Max4 effectiveness work we shot this past December in MS.

As for the editorial work I mentioned, American Hunter, the NRA publication ran a small image of mine a couple months ago and then came back to run this photo below, across 2 pages for the start of their piece on selecting the proper optics package.

Harris Publications is also running a series of photos I shot in Rifle Firepower, with a story they did on getting  back to using your grandfather’s deer rifle.  Several shots were used in the story.  And another magazine, Petersen’s Hunting is running the shot of the woman getting her jaw broken by an asian carp, on the back page called the Rear View.  And as a final editorial job, Bloomberg Businessweek ran a different shot of asian carp on the Illinois River in one of their recent issues.  Indiana Outdoor News will be running an image of mine in next month’s issue to round out what has been quite a stretch of editorial work.

Very soon I post some images from a 3 day shoot I did last week in Minnesota with a couple of returning clients.  I was thrilled with what we accomplished!

As for right now, I am back at the farm in KY waiting on a friend or two that will show up today and another in a day or so to do a bit more turkey hunting.  One is coming for the heck of it while the other will be here to film an episode for his TV show. Hopefully the birds will cooperate for both of them.  I will be heading to Nashville sometime next week for what I anticipate will be a bit of work and some good times with family.  From there it will be off to South Carolina for a few days of work then on to Georgia for a couple days.  I may make it back home by June… which is just in time to head to Beaver Island and Fort Lauderdale, both for fishing and photography.  I love my job!



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