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The Joy of Dogs!

















I hadn’t plan to write this blog, actually the thought never crossed my mind until I had sent these, and several other pix to a client this yesterday.  There is something that is just so enjoyable about photographing dogs, whether they’re the main subject or not.  They add so much to every shot.  DU had just purchased these and a bunch of other photos made last year in Mississippi just before Christmas.  These dogs belong to Chris Jennings who works for DU and was gracious enough to allow me to not only photograph on his waterfowl lease, but also to do a bit of hunting with him.  The dogs are his.  I hope you enjoy looking at my photos of man’s best friend and also get the opportuninty, quite regularly, to watch them work up close in the field in person.
































































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Wrap-Up and Planning

I seem to be spending a bunch of time away from home the last couple of months.  One reason is all the work involved in getting the Kentucky home up and running, so to speak.  The second reason is that work has been a lot steadier this year than the same period last year.  That is a real good thing!  The pup above is Luke the Drifter.  He belongs to a buddy of mine that I spent some time with recently, Tony Smotherman.  Otherwise known as the Travelin’ Hunter.  While I was there in Nashville with him we shot some images for his new upcoming project, and a few “just cuz” pix.  I’m thinking that ol’ Luke here will make some sort of apearance in my Dogtra work soon.  The image below is one of the other images I really liked that came out of this trip.

The rest of the summer is booking up pretty quickly as well.  Looks like at least one or two more trips to Nashville for work, a trip to Mississippi for the POMA Conference, some fishing photography in Michigan and perhaps Florida, and of course more personal work and payoing work in Kentucky.

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Doesn’t seem that it’s been 3 weeks since my last post here.  I couldn’t wait to get my site back up and running because I was missing writing here.  Now it’s back and I forget to do anything with it…  Go figure.  The image above was one I shot recently of a friend of mine, Kim.  She was very pregnant at this point and she and my other friend Scot, had their baby this morning.  A boy.  Congratulations!

The image above works for me for several reasons.  I think she looks beautiful, it’s something of a new style of photograhy, at least for me, and thirdly, I didn’t drag out a ton of lights and gear and stands, etc to make it.  The photo was made with just a single, medium sized reflector.  SHe is backlit through the tre and the reflector is just bouncing some light, albeit, hard light, on her face.  Seems like a far cry from my more typical dark and desat style.  I don’t think this will become my go to shooting style, but it’s nice to know I’m maybe not as 1 dimentional as I thought…

The images below are older shots, but were on my desktop for some reason or another.  I still like them and thought I’d share them again, if I ever did in the first place.


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