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More Fishing, Not So Much Catching…Yet

I love fishing!  Some of my earliest memories go back to fishing with my parents and my uncle.  My wife says it’s all made up memories because I can’t even remember to lower the toilet seat after using it let alone from my pre-k days.  I think it’s more like selective memory.  I mean I believe that you only have so much brain space and I don’t want to waste any of it on toilet seat etiquette, ya know what I mean?  Anyhow, Within the last year or so I have become somewhat obsessed with flyfishing.  I can directly blame Brandon Butler, and Kevin Morlock,  How could you not fall in love with the romanticism of the long, sweeping casts and clear waters in A River Runs Through It?  Pulling trout out of virgin pools of water beneath boulders the size of small cars deposited there by some glacier about 3.2 million years ago?  Flyfishing here in Northwest Indiana is nothing like that or like any of the covers of flyfishing mags on the shelves at Gander Mountain.  Here it’s more like guerilla fishing in an urban jungle.  Here you spend your time walking through 12 foot weeds behind a trucking facility to get access to a small trickle of water from a storm sewer that’s spewing water from a rain 3.2 days ago.  Instead of the long flowing casts you’re forced to use pinpoint, slingshot type casts or the ocassional sideways rollcast, if you’re lucky to even have that much room, to make your presentation.  The fish here aren’t the same either, they’re bigger!  All these tiny tributaries are at some point connected to Lake Michigan, and Lake Michigan has monster trout and salmon.  Local chef and flyfisherman extrodinaire, Scot Hinkel,, has taken mercy on me and included me in a few fishing trips near home.  Now although I have not caught anthing here on a fly yet, I have seen steelhead cruising waters that might not even cover their dorsal fins.  I’ve seen kings pulled in from creeks here that even I could jump across.  My day will come and when it does I promise I’ll have some really awesome pictures of my fish, but til then, you’ll have to settle for a few photos of Scot trying his best to ignore the “urban’, and concentrate on the dorsal of that steelie 8 feet in front of him, right there next to the discarded spare tire…





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Recently I have been shooting a bunch of headshots for various reasons.  However after looking at them all together, I’m wondering what actually constitutes a “headshot”.  Several of the photos here were shot during full shoots, while some were set up and shot for headshots, period.  Typically they are all pretty much one light and one or two reflectors tucked in tight.  Shooting this type of photo I really like using a single Elinchrom lite in a large octabank about 90 degrees to one side and a relflector just out of the frame oppopsite the lite and maybe a second reflector, particularly for women, up under the chin.  It is nearly impossible to get a bad headshot with an octabank!  My question I guess is when does a portrait become a headshot, or is it just different terminology for the same thing?  Anyhow, here are a few more from recent weeks.  Let me know what you think about them please.

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A good friend of mine, John Bond, is in the process of starting his custom firearm business, J and J Precision Firearms.  It should be ready to go about any time now actually.  It seems as though most of the things he will be utilizing for his new endeavor is shiny, which means it catches my eye as a photographic target!  From the bullets to the casingfs, to the machinery, and even the final products, everything screams to be photographed.  I oofered to shoot a few photos for him that could be used in the design of his website, and after a lot of what I’m sure was gut wrenching introspection, he allowed me to do it.  (I’m really just kidding.)  For whatever reason, I wanted to try and shoot as much as possible with the variety of available light, and/or a single, small Speedlight.  I was pretty happy with the results, but I’m really looking forward to what will be done with the images when the designer is finished with them.  Here are a few more…



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One Light Hero

I just returned from a week of workshops and hands on events at the annual POMA conference, which this year was in Tunica Mississippi.  One of the things I wanted to do was shoot a portrait of a couple people that would be there that are part of a project I began work on a while back.  I managed that just fine, but I also shot a handfull of portraits of some of the other attendees/friends that were on hand.  I will include a few of them here.  They were all shot simply enough with a single Elinchrom Ranger head in a standard Octa Bank modifier.  Far from standard, the Octa light is awesome!  A 3×4 foot soft gold reflector was used on the opposite side.  However, I met a man at this event that I think deserves all the attention and recognition and help he can get.  His name is John Annoni and he is a teacher, a mentor, and a hero in my book.  Please look at what this one, single person has accomplished for the betterment of our world. and  His is the first photo below.


John Annoni



Kevin Tate



Pete Brownell



Roger Patton



Randy Bowden



Brandon Butler



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