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Ducks Unlimited

Recently I had the chance to shoot some photos for Ducks Unlimited for some of their Mobile Apps.  Below are a few they used, and a couple I liked that they didn’t use.

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Busy Time

The last couple of weeks have been a little hectic. And some of the pace has been carried over to home work.  Last week I shot the first couple days of the week in Nashville for a singer.  Had a blast!  Came home for a day or two then headed off for a shoot with the crew from Dominator365,  The shot above was one of the pix we did for Dominator365.  Managed to get the whole team in the tree.  Got home again the next day and shot for a few other clients here at home, and I’m still at it.  Dogtra, a regular client of mine has me working on a new project for them, DU has provided me with a bit of work that got me to drag out my waterfowl gear, and I’m shooting currently for a scent company, and getting ready for a shoot for a decoy comapany later this week.

Looks like the next couple weeks will allow me some time to make the rifle opener in KY, as well as the firearms openers in MI, and IN.  TOnight is a big night as my wife got me tickets to the Bears game against the much hated Deroit Lions!  I can’t wait!

Below are a few more form the DOminator 365 shoot.

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Upland Michigan

As usual, it doesn’t seem as though it’s been as long as it has been since I last wrote here.  Fall has become pretty busy, which I both anticipated and looked forward to.  Several trips to Tennessee as well as Kentucky, and I even had my first, private photo workshop at the KY farm.  It was a BLAST!  I’m really looking forward to doing this again as well as more frequently.  Immediately after that weekend, A friend who happens to own Game Plan Gear came by to work on some images for his 2013 catalog.  One of the images below is from that shoot, but the best shots were for the cover of his piece and are not yet ready to be made public.  I gotta tell ya, I love the shots we did for this and I’m chomping at the bit for everyone to see them.  I really think they are some of my best to date!

The last couple of days I have been in Michigan which is so beautiful at this time of year, shooting hunting dogs for a client.  My friend Mike van Tubergen was only too kind to volunteer his German Shorthair and his home for the shoot.  His dog, Indy, has got to be the best looking dog I have ever seen.  He is a monster of an animal!  We spent an afternoon and a morning shooting with Mike and Indy and got plenty of cool pix.  Several more are below.  Another talent that Indy has, being the total athlete he is, is his ability to literally fly!  WIth a very short runway, this dog could launch himself practically to the middle of the pond.

Today I’m doing a quick shoot for a client of a female archer and preparing for an outdoor family portrait sesion a couple hours from home.  I’m realy looking forward to seeing some of my family and spending a bit of downtime with them.  Monday mornign it’s back on the road to Nashville for a shoot on Tuesday for an upcoming country singer.  The set-up for this shoot is going to be awesome, utilizing trucks, creeks, and log barns, it’s going to be a hoot!  I’ll get some pix from it posted as soon as I can.








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