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Quick Update

Just got a copy of what Realtree is doing with one of my images outside of the typical ads.  This is in their Brand Book for the coming year.

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The Uncomfortable Secret Time of the Year

Every year about this time I spend the better part of my day working on stuff for the ATA, (Archery Trade Assoc) and SHOT show, (Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trades).  Sometimes the work is for me picking and chosing what to show and what to leave out of my presentation for each show.  The majority of this part of the year is spent shooting last minute stuff for the majority of my clients.  I guess sometimes production pieces take longer to create than expected, a new product is just reaching final development, or maybe the product has been kept under tight wraps till the last moment.  I really enjoy this time of the year because of the constant change and pressure to perform, but it also is sort of a bummer because I’m wanting to show off some of the work but can’t let it be seen by anyone…  So that is the case right now.  Although I have some really, really cool stuff to show, I can’t.  However, here are a couple out-takes from a recent shoot for a totally different project.  Hope you like them.





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Old Stuff Re-Found, Sort Of…

While doing a couple other things on my computer this morning, I came across that mysterious folder that seems to be always there called, “New Folder”.  I get in a hurry and just create a new folder to dump a card full of files into, just to get them off a card.  The most recent new folder I found  was one in which I dumped a card into recently because I wanted to use the same card for something else.  I never paid any attention to what was on it.  As it turns out, the card held photos from a waterproof camera I used on Beaver Island in Michigan a couple years ago while fishing with the guys from Indigo Guide Service, (  As I recall, I wasn’t a big fan of the camera, but a couple of the photos seemed cool, thus here they are. Long story short, I’ve not posted here in a bit and this seemed to be perfect timing..  Hope you like them.

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