Monthly Archives: January 2013

New Work

It seems like forever since I took a moment to write anything here or show any new photos.  The double image above was used as the top of a booth at the SHOT show in Vegas by a company I started doing work for about a year or so ago.  I think it was about 6 feet tall.  They are now producing broadheads in addition to their sights.

In what I hope will be a pretty short time, I will be able to post some work I did recently for an album and a decoy company.  I think they both came out cool!  The remainder of the winter and early spring looks to be rather busy with a lot of travel.  I’m anxious to get started.  Early summer I will be shooting a few different jobs out west in Colorado.  That is really exciting!  I might even be making it to Montana for a bit, but that’s not certain yet.  I can see some fishing happening while I’m out there as well.

There will also be a shoot coming up soon for another group out of Nashville… More later.

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