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Inside and Out Shooting

The shot above is sort of a new thing for me, shooting more indoors rather than outdoors.  I would have thought it to have been simpler, even much simpler, than the normal struggles that I have shooting things outdoors.  I never realized just how demanding shooting in a studio can get to be.  I guess it’s one of those “Grass is always greener on the other side”, sort of moments.  There were several nights I was still up shooting at 2 and 3 in the morning.  I did find that there were some benefits to shooting indoors.  I could just look out the window and watch the snow fall, or the rain, or the wind blow, or the temperature drop, and just chuckle and bump up the thermostat a degree or two.  Indoors was also the reason I was still able to be shooting into the wee hours of the morning.  And too I was fortunate enough to have outside work as well to beat down the cabin/studio fever thing.  Below is another shot I liked from a multi-day Realtree shoot at the farm in Kentucky.  I’ve come home for about 5 days now for Easter and will head back out right after Easter.  The first couple days will be for a Realtree editorial shoot in Western KY, then it will be back to the farm on the east side of the state for a few days of shooting with an optics company and then quick shoot with a company that makes deer mineral products.  At the same time, a couple friends from home will be in putting a roof on my porch using some 10 foot tall cedar trees that we cut to use as supports.  It’s going to be hectic for a while.  I hope someone knows whose making the donuts!  About the time that all winds down, we’ll start getting into turkey season in KY.  A couple friends will be joining me there to hunt and we’ll even have a couple TV shows in to film a couple hunts.   I am so looking forward to this spring!

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Realtree Effectiveness

For the last several years I have been shooting Realtree’s effectiveness images for their Max4 waterfowl camo.  Each winter just before Christmas I would get to head to Mississippi for a week to shoot some new images for them and even get in a morning or two of hunting with my buddy Chris Jennings with Ducks Unlimited.  Part of the fun of this trip was staying at Harrahs Casino in Tunica and having a lease right across the street to shoot pix all day long.  Some of the images from that work has appeared on the back cover of several waterfowl hunting magazines each month for the last few years.  Now I have been fortunate enough to have a chance to shoot their new patterns, Xtra, and Xtra Green.  The image above and the one below are among my favorites from the days of shooting here at my farm in Kentucky.  We wanted to shoot turkey hunting set-ups using the slightly less turkey traditional Xtra.  It’s amazing how well this camo blends in!  I’ll be shooting some more deer hunting stuff very soon and then next month or May Ill be shooting more traditional, Xtra Green iamges. 

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