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I had an urge this morning to shoot something, besides a turkey, which seem to be really rare around here lately.  At the cost of busting my ass while wearing worn out Crocs and standing, but only momentarily,  on a wet rock in the creek, I got a couple new frames.  I’m somewhere between not wanting to stand and really, really not wanting to sit.  Here are  a few of the shots, but I refuse to post the one form the creek!

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Turkey Hunting in KY

I’ve been in KY for the last couple of weeks, and for a while, I thought turkey season would not ever get here!  Well it has, although the turkeys have not realized it yet.  My good friend John,, did manage to get one yesterday.  As for me, well it’s raining today so my excitement will have to take place at the laundromat…  We did get a couple of cool pix, or at least a couple that I liked, and I’ve included them here.  Hope you enjoy them.

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Seeing Clearly

I spent the early part of the week shooing for Realtree in the western part of Kentucky, and the second half of the week at my farm here in KY on the east side.  I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with and for Trent Marsh with Hawke Optics,, or  Hawke is a new client for me and dang near a neighbor as they’re US offices are in NE Indiana.  These couple days together at the farm have been as much about getting to know one another as it has been about shooting some images for them.  They make some amazingly sharp and clear optics as well as a few products that I will be photographing soon that you might not suspect coming from an optics company.  I’m really looking forward to working throughout the year with them, and many years down the road!

Tomorrow I will be shooting for a company that makes deer mineral products and will then be looking forward to greeting friends as they show up for the opener of turkey season which begins the following weekend.  It’s going to be a very busy, but fun time over the next few weeks!

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