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New Realtree

I just got the PDF’s of a couple of ads that Realtree built using one of my images.  In the horizontal ad, the image on the right is mine while the other belongs to Brad Herndon.  Brad had been the primary photographer for Realtree’s effectiveness photography I guess form the start and up until this past year when he decide that he wanted to sort of retire from  it.  If you saw an ad in a magazine or poster or about anywhere that showed you how well you couldn’t see a hunter in Realtree, then you have seen Brad’s work.  Brad has taught me an enormous amount in a very short time and brought me up to speed to fill in as best as possible for him, although I know I’m no Brad.  It is good to see, and I take a lot of pride in the fact that a company with the prominence of Realtree is using me, and my work.  I’m looking very forward to the first time I see either of these ads in print on a newsstand somewhere!

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A Bit of Music!

Here are a few frames from a recent shoot here in Kentucky that I did with DR Harrison for his upcoming debut album, Deafening Dreams.  We discussed several ideas and stuck fairly tight to the original concept, but did stray maybe just a bit.  The shot above is something of a “Behind the Scenes” type shot.  We used my barn to take advantage of its height, the ability to shoot with a long lens to compress, and to be be able to get out of the wind that might have made this shot impossible.  It’s pretty much a simple lighting set-up using 2 Elinchrom Rangers with only small reflectors for a the harsh side lights, a Speedlight in a beauty dish for the main/fill light, and a small background light.  I really liked the retro-looking Wescott background.  The chair was rented from a local antique shop in West Liberty, KY, called Red Rooster.  The shot immediately below is what has been currently selected for the album cover.  I cooled the tones on the tighter head shot to give it a slightly more “mechanical” look.


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A good friend of mine from down here in Kentucky, Brandon Phipps, dropped by yesterday evening with an awesome bird he had just taken.  The light was perfect, the bird was impeccable, and the hunter couldn’t have been any happier.  We spent about an hour shooting a mess of different photos, but these were a few of my favorites.  Hope you like them too.

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