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Time Flies!




It seems as if it has been forever since I’ve taken the time to write here, and I guess it has been a while.  It’s been very busy recently, and it doesn’t appear as though it will be slowing anytime soon.  To the contrary, I believe it will be getting busier.  Most recently I spent several days with “America’s Favorite Hunting Couple”, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, and their son RJ, at their home, (, photographing them for their show, their sponsors, and for publicity images.  They are some of the most fun loving, down to earth people I think I have ever encountered!  Working with them was an absolute pleasure!  Their exuberance, good nature, and professionalism are infectious.

Lightfield Ammunition, (, is another project I have been working on recently for a couple of new campaigns they will be starting this fall.  I’ve included a couple images here.

Hawke Optics, (, is another newer client I have been shooting with as of late and will continue to shoot for them throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Bowtech Archery, (, is yet another long time client that I’m currently shooting fairly heavily for at the moment.  Some of their images are here as well.

In the near future, or at least the next several weeks I will be shooting work for Realtree, Jon and Gina Brunson, Wildlife Research Center, Dogtra, and possibly a little work in Nashville.  Next week we will be filming another episode for the Travelin’ Hunter, Tony Smotherman, at our farm in Kentucky and return home just in time for Beast Feast here in Leroy, IN!













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