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Time Well Spent


Fall is once again here, trumpeted I guess the last several years by the annual Beast Feast in my home town of Leroy, In.  Beast Feast is the giant wild game eating social event of the year!  It began about 5 years ago with about 40 people around a smoker and has grown to this year’s record of well over 350 hungry folks!  But being the 3rd Saturday of September each year, it’s also a signal for the start of hunting season, and work season for that matter.  Work has been getting shot nearly non-stop since the Beast Feast, (a little was shot before the party as well).  Being here currently in Kentucky, this is I believe the 5th state I have shot in in the last few weeks.  One shoot here went on outdoors till about 3am.  Most however have been a bit more normal as far as shooting time goes.  One morning with nothing specific on the books to be doing, we took advantage of an opportunity to shoot some generic stuff in the fog coming off the pond.  The pics here, are from that morning.  The model is a buddy of mine, Jason Michael.  We are currently shooting Realtree and Game Plan Gear for the last week or so and will be moving on to another client in the next few days.  I think I will have the pleasure of talking photography with the women from the West Liberty Camera Club here at our KY farm once again before I head out of here.  Hope you like the photos!





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