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Remember When…


It seems like it has been forever since I have made the time to write something here on my blog.  This year, for some reason, work has been crazy good, meaning double busy.  Seems like it should still be turkey season, but it also seems like it was eons ago.  I’ve had the privilege to shoot with a bunch of celebrities in the hunting industry as well as a few from the music industry.   I have also shot for most of my regular clients and several new ones too and I’m looking forward to seeing, and speaking with them all at the upcoming ATA show in Nashville and the SHOT show in Vegas, both of which are next month.

Although I killed my first deer here at our place in Kentucky this fall, my hunting was really curtailed by work and I am quite happy to say as much, due to work.  I’m looking forward to getting back home to Indiana later today to spend Christmas with my family and friends and take a short break.  But I’m also ready to get to Nashville and Vegas and see what the new year will have in store.  I’m also looking forward to seeing how my work from this year will be used at the shows.

I may have a bit of work for a couple different TV shows here in KY late next month and again in February, as well as a trip I hope to make with my friend John Bond to the Keys for a little fishing.

The shot above was done recently for Bowtech.  The shot below was from a shoot this weekend for DR and Laura Harrison at my place in KY.  A couple big flashes and some well placed rain.  They said it was cold and miserable.  Me, I was 20 feet away and dry so I couldn’t say.

DSC_6510 copy


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