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Winter Everywhere I Go!


Other than the annual trip to Vegas for the SHOT show, it has been dang cold everywhere I go.  Even the week in Nashville for the ATA show had temps hovering around the 0 mark.  We spent a week in northern Mississippi shooting waterfowl images recently which has temps traditionally in the 50’s and above.  We spent the first 2 days there trying to break 4 inches of ice in the flooded and frozen fields with a Polaris Ranger, and the next several days being stuck in the mud in the same spots as the temps rose into the 40’s…  Other than a couple of wonderful days near 70 here in KY during a shoot last week, the weather has been less than ideal.  Since those days last week the temps have once again fallen and we’re looking at a high of about 35 today.  The other day we got another 2 inches of snow.  That snow is what the accompanying photos are from.  The forecast for home for the next few days has another major storm moving through that’s expected to dump another double digit load of snow on Northwest Indiana that could snow totals into the upper teens by the time it passes through.  At least there’s a bit of beauty that can be found in all of this.







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