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More Snow


I’ve been working on a little project recently for CVA,, trying to graphically highlight their Nitride Rust-Proofing Process.  What a better way to do this than to show their Accura Rifle in use in the rain and snow!  However, counting on snow in late spring in Kentucky is a losing bet, to say the least. And real, natural, rain comes with its own set of problems, for instance exposing tens of thousands of dollars of electronics, cameras, and lighting gear to water.  The solution was to create our own weather, exactly where we wanted it and to be able to fully control it’s intensity and location.  All these photos were shot within steps of 75 degree and sunny weather.  The entire storm encompassed about 100 square feet.  Hope you like them, and thanks to the models who braved the treacherous conditions!

10295116_893920063966801_1608261986823841194_o copy







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Realtree Work

Realtree 2014 Print Ads_Konway web2 copy


This year I have had the privilege to shoot a lot of work for Realtree.  The final pieces from that work has been showing up in various magazines and other locations recently.  Here are a few of those shots.  The Xtra Green photo was done last spring, while all the others were shot this year before everything greened up.  All of these pix were shot on our farm in KY.  Man I love my job!  Hope you like them.

Realtree 2014 Print Ads_Konway web3 Realtree 2014 Print Ads_Konway web4 copy Realtree 2014 Print Ads_Konway web1

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Craig Morgan


Recently I once again I had the pleasure of shooting with Nashville country artist Craig Morgan at his home.  Being that this was our second time working together, we got into a good grove immediately and managed to make some great new photos for him.  The photos will be used by him for several different projects that he’s involved in and should start popping up pretty quickly.  Hope you like them!  There’s even a bonus shot of Craig and I…








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