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Guns, Guns, Guns!



I had the opportunity recently to spend some time in the Washington DC area, shooting for FNH USA,, and their catalog for the upcoming year.

I ended up making 2 separate trips to finish the job.  Man, I had no idea just how cool some of the guns they made really were!  Not only did

I get the chance to see these guns in use, I might have also had a chance to pull a couple triggers…  We worked with some of the local law enforcement

agencies, some of their pro competition shooters, and some military folks.  Saying it was fun was an understatement.  We had a blast, literally!

I’ve included a few of the photos that we shot that were cleared for publication at this time, but hope to be able to show you a few more in the upcoming weeks.

3 gun expert Dave Sevigny, above was just one of the terrific people I got to work with.  Dave even had a few shooting tips for me.  Below are a couple more pix

from the multi-day shoot.  Hope you like them!




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