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Season is Drawing to a Close



With Christmas just around the corner, it looks like my shooting season is coming to an end.  I’m spending a last few days here in Kentucky to finish up a couple of jobs that need to be done, and then I’ll be headed back home.  The ATA show is right after the first of the year and then a week later is the annual pilgrimage to Vegas for the SHOT show.  Typically I sweat and gnash my teeth for about 2-3 months in trying to select the right images for my presentations at these two shows.  This year, I’ll be starting next week when I get home.  I’m not sure if the lack of time to change my mind will be beneficial or cause for failure.  Time will tell I guess.  Wish me luck!  Most of the work I’ve been shooting, both here in Kentucky, back home in Indiana, and out West is for projects that won’t be made public till the upcoming trade shows.  However, as in Utah, I had the opportunity to work with a young woman, in this case Beka Garris, outside our  regular planned work.  She was a joy to hang with and has an incredible hunting ethic and tremendous drive for it.  Anyhow, here are a few pix shot during down time from our regularly scheduled shoots.  Hope you like them.






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