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New Use For My Pix

Realtree TVRecently Realtree has begun using several of my Max5 effectiveness photos in a TV spot for the pattern.  Giving it a “Ken Burns” sort of treatment, the pix sort of come alive, or at least have some perceived motion to them that makes them work pretty well I think.  And it certainly is a huge boost for this old dude’s ego to see his photos on TV and on the big screens at both the ATA and SHOT shows recently.  You can usually catch them on any of the outdoor channels or in the clip below.  Hope you like it.

PS  Please give it a couple moments to load entirely.  I’m still trying to get it to show up quicker.


Realtree TV

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Max1 XT



Several weeks ago I made a trip out west to Utah but didn’t really show too much from it except for a couple of non-hunting related photos of a friend, Kimberly Grimes.  The main reason for the trip was to make some photos for a new pattern being introduced by Realtree.  Max1 XT.  I’v never really spent much time out west or with the original Max1, so this was an entirely new experience for me!  I had a blast and the photos came out very well to boot.  The other day at the start of the ATA show, Realtree introduced Max1 XT with some of my images and will promote it even more at the upcoming SHOT Show in Vegas next week.  The hunter in the second image seems to all but disappear in the surroundings.  I’m excited and anxious to see how some of the images from the trip will eventually get used.  The few photos here are among my favorites.  I hope you like them.

On another note, it looks like the new work year will begin with a bowhunting shoot immediately after returning from Vegas, here at home, then directly out to Mississippi for some waterfowl hunting photography and then a bit further west for a job or two in Texas.  I need to get back to the farm in Kentucky to finish up a few days of work for Realtree and begin a new job for Prois, then it will be back down to Florida and the Keys!  Now that leg of the trip is most definitely going to be my favorite! You gotta know that there’s going to be a bit of fishing and golf thrown in there as well.




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