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We got whacked by a pretty good snow storm in the Chicago area over the weekend.  They’re saying #5 all time in the city.  Anyhow, the good news is all the snow makes for good pix.  The bad news is it can be difficult, if not downright impossible to get anywhere until some of the roads are cleared.  These pix got shot just a few yards out of the backyard.  Sort of making the best of the situation I suppose.  I’ll be shooting more Realtree effectiveness stuff in the next several days here at home in the snow then heading south to Mississippi  to shoot for a variety of clients for a week or so.  Back home and off to Michigan for an RMEF banquet that Stacy and I are on the committee for, then flying off to SanAntonio, TX for a shoot for a few days.  Notice the next couple jobs involve WARM?  Yeah, that’s not by accident…   Anyhow, I hope you like the pix.





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