My career as a photographer began in the early ’80’s when I became an
outdoors columnist for a local newspaper. I quickly discovered I could
get paid more if I included photos with the columns.  A photographer
was born, well sort of…  I remained at that paper as a photographer
for about the next 25 years and had the opportunity to photograph
everything from 3 presidents, to Michael Jordan and Walter Payton,
to movie stars and actresses.  The whole time though, I never lost my
passion for the outdoors and hunting and fishing.  As a child, my uncle
and I spent so much time fishing on Lake Michigan that my mother swore
one day she’d turn on the faucet and he and I would come spilling out.

I left the newspaper behind a few years ago to pursue a full time
career as my own boss.  Since that day I have been able to combine
two of my passions and strive to combine them into a single,
focussed, effort.  My experience working in the fast paced newspaper
industry gave me the skills to anticipate and be quick on my feet.
My knowledge of the outdoors allows me to be able to create authentic
and realistic images.  Combining them helps me to provider my clients
with images that deliver their intended message with the necessary
appeal.   It’s not always easy, but it sure is more rewarding to do
something when you love it!