I had the chance to shoot a bunch of photography in a couple of states for both Realtree, and Ducks Unlimited over the last 2 months or so, using the new Realtree Max 5 camo.  This stuff just melts into it’s surroundings.  Back before the new year, I had shot a bunch of work in and around cattails and flooded bottoms.  The new work here involved mud, milo fields, and flooded cypress trees.

Last week I took advantage of an opportunity to head to southern Florida and spend some time golfing around Fort Lauderdale, and fishing in the Keys with my buddy John Bond and his wife Judy.  Dang near like a vacation!  Loved every second of it and I’m already trying to figure out how to get back there again.   I also shot some work there that I’ll post later.  I spent a couple days getting back to reality here in KY and will be shooting another job Sunday.

Turkey season is right around the corner and I’m expecting a bunch of friends and clients to be passing through over the next 4 weeks.  I’ll be making a quick trip in a couple weeks to Nashville for a couple days to shoot with country artist and outdoorsman Craig Morgan once again, and can’t wait to get there!  Craig is such an awesome, easy going guy to work with.






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Headhunters TV


Last week I had the opportunity to spend a few days shooting with a couple of the best guys in the hunting industry here at our farm in KY, Randy Birdsong and Nate Hosie of Headhunters TV.  It was a pleasure to work with a couple of young guys that are so easy going and ambitious.  Their energy and creativeness during the shoot was infectious.  Most non shooting time involved a bit of live music, courtesy of Nate as well.  All in all it was a very enjoyable time and I’m already looking forward to our next shoot!






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Winter Everywhere I Go!


Other than the annual trip to Vegas for the SHOT show, it has been dang cold everywhere I go.  Even the week in Nashville for the ATA show had temps hovering around the 0 mark.  We spent a week in northern Mississippi shooting waterfowl images recently which has temps traditionally in the 50′s and above.  We spent the first 2 days there trying to break 4 inches of ice in the flooded and frozen fields with a Polaris Ranger, and the next several days being stuck in the mud in the same spots as the temps rose into the 40′s…  Other than a couple of wonderful days near 70 here in KY during a shoot last week, the weather has been less than ideal.  Since those days last week the temps have once again fallen and we’re looking at a high of about 35 today.  The other day we got another 2 inches of snow.  That snow is what the accompanying photos are from.  The forecast for home for the next few days has another major storm moving through that’s expected to dump another double digit load of snow on Northwest Indiana that could snow totals into the upper teens by the time it passes through.  At least there’s a bit of beauty that can be found in all of this.







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A Few New Photos

270 copy


Real quick, here are a few new photos that I’ve shot recently that I do not think have been public up until the ATA shoe in Nashville last week.  They’re part of my portfolio as well as part of the art being used by several companies.  Wildlife Research is above, while obviously Ralph and Vickie, Realtree Xtra, and Realtree’s new Max5 is below.  Once we return from the SHOT show in Vegas taking place next week, I’ll post some of the ways that my photos were used at the shows.  It’s always a surprise till you get there and see them!



40 copy


440 copy

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Remember When…


It seems like it has been forever since I have made the time to write something here on my blog.  This year, for some reason, work has been crazy good, meaning double busy.  Seems like it should still be turkey season, but it also seems like it was eons ago.  I’ve had the privilege to shoot with a bunch of celebrities in the hunting industry as well as a few from the music industry.   I have also shot for most of my regular clients and several new ones too and I’m looking forward to seeing, and speaking with them all at the upcoming ATA show in Nashville and the SHOT show in Vegas, both of which are next month.

Although I killed my first deer here at our place in Kentucky this fall, my hunting was really curtailed by work and I am quite happy to say as much, due to work.  I’m looking forward to getting back home to Indiana later today to spend Christmas with my family and friends and take a short break.  But I’m also ready to get to Nashville and Vegas and see what the new year will have in store.  I’m also looking forward to seeing how my work from this year will be used at the shows.

I may have a bit of work for a couple different TV shows here in KY late next month and again in February, as well as a trip I hope to make with my friend John Bond to the Keys for a little fishing.

The shot above was done recently for Bowtech.  The shot below was from a shoot this weekend for DR and Laura Harrison at my place in KY.  A couple big flashes and some well placed rain.  They said it was cold and miserable.  Me, I was 20 feet away and dry so I couldn’t say.

DSC_6510 copy


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Time Well Spent


Fall is once again here, trumpeted I guess the last several years by the annual Beast Feast in my home town of Leroy, In.  Beast Feast is the giant wild game eating social event of the year!  It began about 5 years ago with about 40 people around a smoker and has grown to this year’s record of well over 350 hungry folks!  But being the 3rd Saturday of September each year, it’s also a signal for the start of hunting season, and work season for that matter.  Work has been getting shot nearly non-stop since the Beast Feast, (a little was shot before the party as well).  Being here currently in Kentucky, this is I believe the 5th state I have shot in in the last few weeks.  One shoot here went on outdoors till about 3am.  Most however have been a bit more normal as far as shooting time goes.  One morning with nothing specific on the books to be doing, we took advantage of an opportunity to shoot some generic stuff in the fog coming off the pond.  The pics here, are from that morning.  The model is a buddy of mine, Jason Michael.  We are currently shooting Realtree and Game Plan Gear for the last week or so and will be moving on to another client in the next few days.  I think I will have the pleasure of talking photography with the women from the West Liberty Camera Club here at our KY farm once again before I head out of here.  Hope you like the photos!





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Time Flies!




It seems as if it has been forever since I’ve taken the time to write here, and I guess it has been a while.  It’s been very busy recently, and it doesn’t appear as though it will be slowing anytime soon.  To the contrary, I believe it will be getting busier.  Most recently I spent several days with “America’s Favorite Hunting Couple”, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, and their son RJ, at their home, (, photographing them for their show, their sponsors, and for publicity images.  They are some of the most fun loving, down to earth people I think I have ever encountered!  Working with them was an absolute pleasure!  Their exuberance, good nature, and professionalism are infectious.

Lightfield Ammunition, (, is another project I have been working on recently for a couple of new campaigns they will be starting this fall.  I’ve included a couple images here.

Hawke Optics, (, is another newer client I have been shooting with as of late and will continue to shoot for them throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Bowtech Archery, (, is yet another long time client that I’m currently shooting fairly heavily for at the moment.  Some of their images are here as well.

In the near future, or at least the next several weeks I will be shooting work for Realtree, Jon and Gina Brunson, Wildlife Research Center, Dogtra, and possibly a little work in Nashville.  Next week we will be filming another episode for the Travelin’ Hunter, Tony Smotherman, at our farm in Kentucky and return home just in time for Beast Feast here in Leroy, IN!













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Been working on a little project for Wildgame Innovations over the last couple of weeks.  Here are a few of the pics that worked out, and one that sort of failed, …with a bit of humor.  Sometimes a blizzard can really get out of hand.  I think the snow shots were done here in NW Indiana when the temps were in the mid 90′s.  I really enjoy shooting this sort of stuff and developing ideas.  Thanks to Matt Partin and Joe Hatch for their patience.

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JJ Lawhorn Album Release

A few months back I had the opportunity to photograph a new and upcoming country music artist by the name of JJ Lawhorn down in Nashville.  At the time he had just finished a duet and music video with Colt Ford, (, and this shoot was for his forthcoming album, OGOB, Original Good Ol’ Boy.  JJ was a pleasure to work with and we really nailed some pretty cool pix, if I have to say so myself.  I am really proud of this shoot and have been anxious to be able to show it off.  JJ’s album went on sale today at Walmart stores as well as on iTunes at  Give it a listen!

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More Recent Kentucky Work

Right after my shoot in Nashville last week with Craig Morgan I had to beat tracks to the farm in Kentucky to welcome a young upcoming personality by the name of Gary Stanley for a one day shoot.  Gary is a great guy and I’m sure you will be hearing and seeing plenty of him soon.  Although he has a new website under construction, take a quick look at his current page at, or on his Facebook page at  Gary is best known for being able to film his own hunts and make it look easy.








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